Re-Opening Procedures under Covid-19

Bodyworks require all therapists operating within the clinic to adhere to the following procedures in order to keep our clients/therapists safe and minimise the risk of transmission.


Screening is required for every client in order to determine if an online session would suffice or if a face to face appointment is required. This screening will be done via phone call or video chat. It will include the usual red flags, COVID-19 symptoms and holistically how this issue is affecting the client’s life. If the issue is significantly degrading quality of life and the therapist feels the benefits of a physical appointment outweighs the risks then a face to face treatment is clinically reasoned and justified. This may include but is not limited to: increasing anxiety, affecting mood, disrupting sleep, experiencing severe limitations with activities of daily living, are otherwise going to seek NHS services or are in a significant amount of pain.

The risks will be explained during the pre-screening and if it is determined a face to face appointment is necessary, as much of the assessment will be done online initially before visiting. We are restricting client time to 30minutes maximum in the clinic. You will still receive the full appointment time but some of this will be done online.


  • Therapists will be wearing gloves, face masks, aprons and possibly a visor
  • Correct donning and doffing of PPE procedures must be adhered to ? posters will be available in the clinic to remind therapists how to put on and remove but training has been provided to each therapist
  • A separate PPE disposal bin is kept to allow the main waste bin to be emptied as and when needed. Once PPE bin is full, bag should be tied and labelled with date then left for 72 hours before being disposed of
  • Gloves should be removed before leaving the treatment space to prevent spread onto door handles. All PPE should be disposed of in designated bins and hands/arms washed. PPE should be donned and doffed in the recommended order

Hand Hygiene

  • Therapists all trained in hand hygiene
  • Signs in the clinic on the correct hand hygiene procedure
  • Clients asked to wash hands as soon as they arrive
  • No hand or wrist jewellery is permitted, and therapists should always wear short sleeved uniform
  • Therapists must ensure fingernails are clean, short and that artificial nails or nail products are not worn. Cover all cuts or abrasions with a waterproof dressing
  • Hand hygiene should be performed before donning PPE and after disposing of it. It should also be performed after using the toilet, after coughing or sneezing, before making use of any items in communal kitchen/staff areas and before eating
  • It is best to use hand washing techniques (below) but if not available alcohol rub is also available in the clinic as acceptable hand hygiene

Our guides are based on:

Clinic Precautions

  • COSH
  • Risk Assessment Completed
  • Removal of all unnecessary equipment/magazines/furnishings etc. to allow ease of cleaning surfaces
  • Laundry protocols in place, 60 degrees for washes
  • Cleaning checksheet for the start, duration and the end of each shift
  • Signs around the clinic to ensure social distancing and procedures are clear
  • Cleaning protocols in place, particular attention to the toilets, surfaces, massage beds, door handles, laptops etc.
  • Air Purifiers on and windows open when clinic open
  • One client in the clinic at a time, staggered appointment times to avoid clients crossing over at same time

Therapist Procedures

  • Therapists to wash hands before and after every client
  • All cleaning procedures completed should be checked off, use the daily template to sign off at the start of the day, in between patients and at closing
  • Cleaning procedures after each client include: disinfecting massage bed, face hole, pillows, laptop, equipment used, client chair (if they used), desk, card machine, door handles, any other surfaces touched
  • Cleaning procedures at the end of each shift: disinfecting phone, office computer (if used), laptop, surfaces, door handles, light switches, pens, anything used in the kitchen. Deep clean of rooms used, toilet, reception area and kitchen
  • Therapists to keep personal belongings out of the treatment room and in a container with lid through the back (this will be sterilised at the end of every day)
  • PPE of apron, face mask and gloves to be worn for every client
  • Follow the protocols for donning and doffing of PPE
  • Therapist to take own temperature daily and ensure no symptoms
  • Open front door for clients to minimise contact
  • Therapists to wear non uniform whilst traveling to and from work and then change once arrived at work and change before leaving work. Uniform to be kept in separate bag
  • Therapists to wash uniforms in household on the highest temperature available and not wash alongside any other household items, and not fill more than half a load at a time
  • Safe management of equipment/therapy tools, if any used must disinfect straight after

Client Procedures

  • No treatment to any client with any underlying health condition (lung disease, heart disease, diabetes etc.) or anyone aged 70 or over
  • Bring own water and face mask
  • Wash hands upon arrival to the clinic
  • Client to take their temperature before coming in where possible
  • Plastic container for belongings to be stored in during the appointment
  • Card payments/contactless only (payment will be taken during your pre-screening if possible)
  • Please adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines

Before your visit to Bodyworks, you will be sent a procedures guideline, so please ensure you have read this fully and understand before coming in.

Review Date: 11/06/2020 by Ashleigh Clark

Second Review Date: 05/07/2020 by Ashleigh Clark