Are you experiencing pain in between your shoulder blades?

Although a spasm or a tear of the muscles between the blades is a possible cause of the pain, it requires a high level of fatigue/tension or lifting a very heavy weight for it to occur. The most common way to experience pain in between the blades is by cumulative tension. The tension builds over time due to constant overuse or misuse of the muscles. You will start to feel the pain when the tension is great enough or when it goes into spasm. Even though it is possible to have tension in rhomboids or erectors of the spine themselves by lifting heavy, the most common reason for tension between your blades tends to be a compensatory tension due to:

Leaning forward:

Most people believe that rounded shoulders and forward neck posture or slouched posture are a matter of bad habits but generally it tends to be caused by tension in the front of your body that applies a constant opposite force to your back muscles. If you feel uncomfortable or it takes extra effort for you to sit up straight it is very likely that when you relax and forget about your posture your body will slouch again. Your body usually decides it is not worth the extra effort and energy spent.

Blocked Glenohumeral joint:

The normal mobility of the shoulder means that is supposed to be combined between the movement of the glenohumeral joint (humerus and the scapula), and scapula and torso. It supposed to be around 2-3:1 ratio of movement. The rotator cuff muscles can block the glenohumeral movement which has to be compensated by the scapula which will mean over use of the trapezius muscle.

It is crucial to address the cause of pain in order to create an effective treatment (massage, stretches, or pressure with the spiky ball yourself).

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