Full Body MOT

Why come for a Full Body MOT appointment?

– you may be taking up a new sports/exercise programme and want to ensure you are fighting fit and ready to start!

– you are having re-occurring injuries/niggles/muscle tightness or maybe a restriction in range of movement

– you want to ensure you have no underlying issues or predisposition to injury, bio mechanical imbalances or postural issues from work set up etc.

– you want to understand your body better and get the best out of it!

Whatever the reason, a full body MOT is to take a prehabilitative approach for yourself and your goals for a healthier, stronger, pain free you!

What will it include?

The appointment will be with one of our experienced Physiotherapist’s and include a detailed, full assessment of posture, pelvic control, movement patterns, mobility, range and quality of movement, strength testing, gait analysis etc.

It will be completely tailored to you and your lifestyle, based on what you want to gain from the session and on what the Physiotherapist asks you/finds. The standard time for this appointment is 90minutes.

At the end of the Full Body MOT, an exercise programme, manual therapy, Sports Massage or Pilates may be recommended to you, dependent on what your body needs.

You will come away with a better understanding of your body, its capabilities, awareness of weaknesses/areas you need to focus more attention on. You will know what you need to do to reach peak performance, improve your range of movement and prevent injuries from occurring.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To book a Full Body MOT appointment give us a call/email or use our online booking system. Please note this is only available at our Melville Street Clinic.