Bodyworks Edinburgh Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow

The Bodyworks Team are often treating Tennis Elbow and it is important to remember it doesn’t only effect tennis players! Here’s what you need to know…

What is Tennis Elbow?

40% of tennis players at some point will suffer from tennis elbow, also know as Lateral epicondylitis, but it also can effect you even if you don’t play tennis. 15% of people in manual trade injuries will experience tennis elbow too. The most common site of injury is to the lateral epicondyle which is a bony prominence on the outside of your elbow, where the muscles that extend your wrist and fingers attach.

Symptoms of tennis elbow typically include pain down the outside of your elbow and difficulty gripping and picking up objects. A burning sensation down the forearm is also not uncommon. It is important to get your neck and upper limb neurodynamics assessed by a physiotherapist if you are experiencing elbow pain to exclude neck dysfunction or neural tension as the referral pain from this can sometimes mimic tennis elbow.

Why does tennis elbow happen?

The bottom line is that more force has been applied to the muscle tissues and tendon than it can handle.

Tennis contributing factors:

  • Poor external rotation of the shoulder, thus placing more strain on the elbow
  • Poor technique
  • Overuse of backhand
  • Grip on the tennis racket being too large
  • Poor flexibility
  • Reduced lower back mobility
  • Strings on the tennis racket being too tight

Day to day contributing factors:

  • Tight forearm muscles
  • Unaccustomed hand use, e.g. painting a fence or excessive typing
  • Excessive gripping or wringing activities
  • Lack of forearm strength

How do our Bodyworks Edinburgh Physiotherapists treat it:

Physiotherapy has been shown to be effective in the short and long-term management and treatment of tennis elbow. It aims to:

  • Reduce the pain and discomfort
  • Facilitate tissue repair
  • Restore healthy joint mobility & function as well as muscle length & strength
  • Normalisation of your upper limb neurodynamics and cervical joint function (if applicable)

We will achieve this through a combination of massage techniques, stretching, kinesio taping of the elbow, mobilisations of the neck and elbow joints, neuro mobilisations and of course some strengthening!

You can read more about Physiotherapy on our Physio Page. If you are experiencing elbow pain please give us a call to have a chat on the phone and we can advise. Or if you would like to book an appointment then please check out our online booking system on the website.