Case Study 6


Client is a 47 years old, dedicated career woman running her own business whilst trying to manage her well being by doing regular exercise like cycling (indoor and outdoor) and long distance running.

Recently she has started to experience sleeping issues by having restless nights and struggling to unwind properly before bedtime.

The episodes were worse during times of stress, like the one she is going through just now. Most recently she has been suffering from pre- menstrual tension. She has hard skin in the ball of the foot and her feet were cold to touch which suggests signs of poor circulation but apart from that, her feet looked to have no other health issues.

My client wants to feel more relaxed and keep good energy levels to support her busy lifestyle. Her idea is to start implementing a monthly reflexology treatment as a preventative way for not feeling drained and fatigued but also to boost her immune system.

Treatment Plan/Advice:

First of all, I advised making some changes to her weekly exercise routine and try to join if she could a Yin Yoga class once per week, which is known to alleviate pain and tension, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being.

I suggested that she might also benefit from taking a magnesium supplement before bed, to help with her sleep issues and also taking a warm bath with epsom salts which also has anti-inflammatory benefits.

We agreed that she would have weekly treatments for the next 6 weeks and re assess how she felt after that.

I wanted to ensure that my client felt relaxed and that we could reduce her anxiety levels. I wanted my main focus to be the reflexes that deal with the hypothalamus gland, solar plexus, adrenal glands, eyes, head and sinus.

Before the arrival of client, I had already made sure that the room was tranquil and encouraged relaxation. For the treatment I choose a grapeseed oil mixed with a small amount of Rose and Lavender Oil – I chose these for their calming anti-anxiety and relaxation properties.

During the session I used a number of massage techniques that included walking, circles, hooking and rocking the feet with my hands. To begin with, I set out to relax the feet. I begin with the right foot first and then do the same to the left foot.

Relaxing the feet sequence approx. for 8 mins starting with the solar plexus I did the inner breathing followed by (in this order) Angel’s touch, Apollo’s breath, Atla’s Orb, Poseidon’s Pull, Healing Tornado, Toe Rotation, Herme’ Stretch and finishing with Phoenix Rising.

The following reflex points were treated in this order using a number of massage techniques..

A) Head; Brain; Teeth and Jaw; Occipital; Inner Ear:; Sinus; Eye & Ear; Eustachian tube; Outer Ear.

B) Shoulders; Diaphragm

C) Thyroid; Pituitary; Hypothalamus; Parathyroid.

D) Esophagus; Lung; Stomach; pancreas; Gall Bladder (right Foot) only; Liver (right foot only); spleen (left foot only)

E) Sciatic; Appendix; (right foot only) Ascending Colon (right foot only) Transverse colon.

F) Sigmoid (left foot only) Sigmoid flexure; (left only) descending Colon (left only)

G) Ovaries; uterus; fallopian tubes

H) Calf muscle massage

I) Rectum

J) Wrists; Elbow; Knees and Hips

K) Lower back; Bladder; Ureter; Kidneys

L) Cervical Vertebrae; Thoracic Vertebrae; Lumbar Vertebrae; Coccyx

M) Upper Lymphatics; Breasts.

For the sequence relating to de-stressing my client I did the following:

• At the Diaphragm flexing the foot to create tension and using my thumb to work under the metatarsals, using slow steps and repeating 8 times (both feet)

• At the thyroid reflex point I used my thumb to massage the ball of the foot, from the diaphragm to the neckline in a slow and steady manner. I did this 6 times. The thyroid is what regulates energy levels, so focusing on this point can help with an optimal working thyroid; (both feet).

• Pituitary reflex point, I found the centre of the big toe and using my thumb to put pressure, pushing in and making small circles for approx 15 secs (both feet).

• With the pancreas reflex point, which is the right foot only pushing up into the joint where the reflex is found (below 3rd toe lower than the diaphragm) and for approx 15secs making small circles.

• With the kidneys using my thumbs together I gently pushed into the reflex point and again made small circles for around 15secs (both feet), finished this sequence with working the entire final reflex to help reduce the tension & stress. I made 7 tiny steps along the big toe; 12 steps along the foot to the navicular bone working the entire thoracic vertebrae.

During the treatment, I was aware of popping at the head, shoulder, thyroid and small intestine reflexes, this would suggest to me that my client has imbalances in these areas.

I also felt crystals at the Ureter which would usually be in correlation with dehydration and a lack of water intake.

Her feet were much warmer at the end of the treatment and the circulation improved. At the end of the treatment my client reported she felt much calmer and more relaxed.

By Alessia, our Complementary and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist😊

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