Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a treatment modality that is traditionally used in Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine. It aims to promote overall good health and treat a number of different issues and conditions. Cupping can have an effective use in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries.

Cupping therapy is the application of glass, plastic or bamboo cups to the body to create suction. There are many different styles of a cupping treatment, such as;

Air (dry)


Hajima (wet)

We use the Air (dry) method. Whereby the cups are placed on the body and the air is pumped out of the cups, creating negative pressure on the connective tissues and muscles, causing adhesions to break down, encouraging oxygen and fluid in to the tissues and removing energetic stagnation.

Cupping is generally used alongside a body massage treatment, to warm the muscles prior to application, and to drain any metabolic waste/ relax and recover following the treatment.

The treatment we provide consists of a warm up massage, then using a light suction with the small cups to glide over the back and gauge where any issues are present, stationary cup application, and massage to dissipate any remaining adhesions. The placement of the cups can be altered per treatment to help treat and manage muscular pain, muscle tension and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

The treatment isn’t painful, though clients might feel tightness, tingling or slight pinching at the cup site. However after a minute or so the body will relax into it. The cups do leave marks, which can look like bruises but are not, they are simply metabolic debris, stagnant blood and waste materials from the tissues. The marks might look red/pink right after treatment, and the day after they might intensify.


•pain reduction

•lift, rehydrate and manipulate fascia

•clears congestion and stagnation

•alleviates adhesions

•encourages circulation

•desensitises superficial pain patterns

•supports lymphatic drainage

•promotes muscle recovery

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