Full Case Study – 37 year old Female

Client has been suffering the effects of ‘Long Covid’, she is not testing positive for Covid anymore. She has been experiencing extreme fatigue after contracting Covid 19 a few months ago. This has taken a huge strain on her body and throughout the day the fatigue is overwhelming. It’s affecting spending time with her family and she has been signed off work for a little while to give her time to combat the symptoms. Her doctor has suggested this style of treatment to give her system a boost.

09/12/20 1st Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatment for 45 minutes

I positioned the bed into a ‘V’ shape to encourage lymph flow, and with client consent added grapefruit and lemon essential oils to the Grapeseed oil for an added boost to her system. I discussed how she would remain lying face up throughout and I would use a very light pressure to stimulate the lymph directly located under the skin. I used pulsing and pumping actions to stimulate stagnant lymph in the tissues, and then in areas such as the arms and legs, very long upwards strokes to increase the circulation of the lymph towards the lymph nodes. The idea being that this removes all the waste quicker from the body to detoxify and awaken.

Client felt really relaxed after this treatment. We discussed how this afternoon the best thing she could do was have some chill time (which she had organised in advance) to give her body the chance to receive the full benefits of this treatment. We discussed how she could simulate the stomach detox moves I did today at home, as digestive issues can really negative impact on your health. I also let her know body brushing and leg draining are two fantastic ways to do your own version of MLD at home, and I’d really like her to consider introducing these into her daily routine.

16/12/20 2nd MLD treatment lasting 45 minutes

Check in with client: she felt amazing after her last treatment, and said it was if I had ‘performed magic’. It was the first time she has started to feel more awake and like herself again, which was wonderful to hear. She has been doing stomach detox moves that I showed her, but no body brush or leg draining as of yet.

Treatment: Same areas covered however I did do slightly firmer and more concentrated movements on the stomach, as well as encouraging deep breathing, and more detox movements here. I felt the focus on digestion has helped play a huge part in boosting client’s system.

Post treatment: Client felt really good. As an observation she looks much happier and brighter which is lovely to see, and more positive about her situation. Wants to book in again next week but doesn’t know childcare yet. She is keen to buy a body brush, and commit to doing leg draining daily. She also knows how important keeping hydrated is to improving lymph movement throughout the body, so she will make a conscious effort to keep well hydrated.

23/12/20 3rd MLD treatment lasting 45minutes

Check in with client: feeling really anxious right now as we are going into another lockdown, and worried about not being able to come in for MLD treatments, as shes seen such a positive change since coming in. The tiredness has hit her again. Shes also got the added worry about her little one not having childcare now.

Treatment: remained the same as client is comfortable with this and my main aim is to help her relax during the session, so the body is still boosting her Lymphatic system for hours after the treatment.

Post treatment: Client feeling good after the session, but still worried about how lockdown would affect her since we wont be able to perform MLD for a while. I gave her tips on how to keep the lymph drainage going while we are closed for massage, this included: jumping on the spot in morning, leg draining, body brushing and eating leafy greens.

If you are experiencing a similar issue or would like more information on our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage please do get in touch.