Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage at Bodyworks Edinburgh uses soothing oils and heated smooth basalt stones to deeply relax your muscles. The size and shape of the stone depends on which body part the therapist is working on; long and narrow stones are great for getting deeper into the muscles in areas of high tension. The heat from the stones allows for a deeper and more intense massage to melt away any stress or tension.

Your therapist will use a combination of two techniques during the massage treatment: the stones will be used as an extension of their hands to sink more deeply into the muscles while massaging and, the stones will be placed on other parts of the body while massaging different areas to give a more all-over relaxing effect. By warming up the muscles, the therapist is able to work more deeply more quickly, which gives you the most possible out of the session.

By using a variety of strokes and techniques, your massage therapist will be able to work effectively on each area of your body. The areas you can have covered include the back, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet. However, if you would like to have more time spent on one part instead of another, then that is completely fine. We would recommend 90minutes if you would like a full body massage.

Many people with back pain, stress, insomnia and depression have found this treatment to be very helpful for them. Some of the benefits from a Hot Stone Massage at Bodyworks Edinburgh include:

  • Boosting your circulation
  • Releasing stored tension
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Feeling completely relaxed

If you would like a Hot Stone Massage you can quickly book online, or get in touch with us via email ( or phone (0131 241 1833).

*When booking a Hot Stones Massage online please bear in mind it takes a while to heat the Hot Stones before your massage so we require 1 hours notice. This also means we can only take Hot Stones Massage bookings after 9am in the morning as we open at 8am.