Physiotherapy – Pre & Post Operative

A Physiotherapists role is to establish which structure has been injured/damaged, how it happened and how to treat and avoid the injury from happening again. Our Physiotherapists at Bodyworks Edinburgh listen to each patient and then perform the necessary assessments needed to determine the cause and nature/severity of the injury. Our Physiotherapists make clients feel at ease explain things step by step allowing clients to completely understand and take control of their injury.

Physiotherapy?Edinburgh is a hands on approach but also always includes advice regarding rehabilitation, how to accelerate recovery and exercises to carry out at home or in the gym. This can be to correct muscle imbalances, strengthen certain muscles, stretch/lengthen tight muscles, correct posture and proprioceptive work.

We can help with pre-operative physiotherapy – evidence has shown many benefits of physiotherapy prior to surgery including speeding up recovery time. A pre-operative programme will be given to our clients to ensure they can maintain strength and function before under going surgery as well as prepare you on post-operative physiotherapy.

We can also help with post operative rehabilitation to re-establish, strength, control and functioning. We have worked with post knee surgeries (ligament repairs, ACL construction, knee replacements) post back surgeries, post hip surgeries (hip replacements, labral tears), post ankle?surgeries (fractures, ligament repairs), post elbow and wrist surgeries (tendon and ligament repairs, fractures), post shoulder surgeries (rotator cuff repairs, fractures, joint repairs, dislocations) and many more from healing time to returning to a sport or activity. Our Physiotherapists can tailor the rehabilitation exactly to your needs

Post Operative Physiotherapy Edinburgh will include:

  • Advice and support through the different stages of your recovery
  • Advice on pain management, swelling and scarring
  • Mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination Work
  • Phase return to daily activities and independence
  • Phase return to sports, activities and optimal performance
  • Prevention of any complications