A modern therapeutic treatment, Reflexology is based on ancient eastern principles that specific pressure points and zones on the feet correspond with different parts of the body through meridian line theory.

With our Reflexology Edinburgh treatment you can reduce the effects of stress, ease muscle tension and achieve a better state of well-being.

Your Reflexology treatment will begin with a thorough consultation detailing your medical history, general health, diet and lifestyle. You will remain fully clothed during the treatment, removing only your shoes and socks.

What is Reflexology?

It’s an ancient health practice that is based on ideas about how energy moves through the human body. The idea was originally to apply pressure to certain points that were thought to stimulate other places in the body, such as specific internal organs. It’s been around for thousands of years, and practiced in places as varied as China and ancient Egypt. In modern times, there are a variety of theories about why it works and no one has been able to definitively prove anything. What research has shown, though, is a very strong indication that it does help many people.

The Benefits of Physical Contact

Some of the health benefits that people get may be based on the fact that the sessions offer an opportunity for physical contact with a caring and trained reflexology massage professional. There is a lot of evidence that touch is critical to health. Young animals that are deprived of contact can suffer severe developmental problems, while people who have a chance to cuddle a pet for even a few minutes will usually show improvements in blood pressure and changes in their hormones.

There are psychologists and other researchers who believe that most adults aren’t getting as much physical touch as is healthy for them. This is true even for parents and people who are in a relationship. The opportunity to simply spend time receiving a massage without any other stress or expectations attached to it may be providing for a critical human need.

An Opportunity for Quiet

Another significant reason that you may find the treatments healthy and beneficial is that it offers a chance to relax and to let go of your stress. Setting up an appointment for any sort of massage requires that you make a deliberate plan to put your other activities aside, to stop looking at your computer screen or smart phone, and to just let yourself relax for a little while.

Most people don’t give themselves very much time in a typical day to be mindful and to simply exist in the moment. A session of Edinburgh reflexology blocks off a section of time where you won’t have to feel guilty for not checking your email every two minutes, or for not doing something that others might regard as productive. It gives your mind an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate itself, and the health of the mind is critical for the health of the body.

Feel the Benefits for Yourself

The only way that you can truly know what the experience will be like for you is to give it a try. You can set up a one-hour session and see how you like it, as well as how you feel afterward, without having to commit to anything more than that. In your first meeting with a reflexology practitioner, there will be an initial consultation so the therapist can get to know you, your needs and take some notes regarding your case.

If you would like a Reflexology Treatment you can quickly book online, or give us a call/email on 0131 241 1833/