Private Classes:

Our Complementary Therapist Emma is a Yoga Instructor and offers 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 Forrest Yoga classes in the clinic.
This style of Yoga was named after it’s creator Ana T. Forrest. It is known for being adapted to the modern day which helps to counteract postural and emotional issues that stem from too much “doing” and not enough “being.”
Forrest Yoga emphasises on connecting to our body and inner self through breath, long held positions, abdominal core work, and standing poses.
Emma’s expertise is in reversing the effects of prolonged sitting, helping with postural issues and to destress the body physically and emotionally.
Benefits include:
• Increased Flexibility
• Greater Strength & Muscle Tone
• Reduced Back Pain
• Increased Joint Mobility
• Improved Posture
As well as these physical benefits, yoga practice can also reduce your stress levels and help you find a stillness and calmness where you feel very much in the present. After a long hard week at work, this can be a priceless thing.
If you are interested in having a private/small group yoga class, simply email or call 0131 241 1833 to find out available times.
Each session is 1hr long but this can be tailored to your schedule and needs.